Current Selection
'Free: The Future of a Radical Price,' by Chris Anderson
paperback / kindle

paperback / kindle

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Finalist A
'The Economics and Ethics of Private Property: Studies in Political Economy and Philosophy,' by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
hard cover / kindle

Economics and Ethics
of Private Property

by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Finalist B
'Witch Hunts: A Graphic History of the Burning Times,' by Rocky Wood, Lisa Morton, and Greg Chapman
paperback / kindle

Witch Hunts:
A Graphic History
of the Burning Times

by Rocky Wood, et. al

Finalist C
'Common Genius: Guts, Grit, and Common Sense: How Ordinary People Create Prosperous Societies and How Intellectuals Make Them Collapse,' by Bill Greene

Common Genius
by Bill Greene

Finalist D
'Embittered Justice,' by Michaela Riley

Embittered Justice
by Michaela Riley

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